On Sunday 13 September 2009 18:55:46 wiorys wrote:

> Yes, I _can_ have 200 layers(but I dont have to).
> I just can make new layer, then brush stroke and layer borders will be
> resized to brush stroke. I can do a few more strokes in same layer and
> layer border will cover only strokes borders. In gimp, as far as I know, I
> need to declare size of layer before I do stroke.

You can always make your layer the size of the image (the default value), what 
is the problem with that ?

> New Photo-Paint layer is just "empty", I can draw crazy things, select my
> layer and make mask of these "crazy" paintings. I think I cant do that in
> Gimp.

What do you mean exactly by mask ? In GIMP masks are used to make portions of a 
layer transparent without modifying the pixels on the layer itself.

> Do many strokes with many curves, circles etc in one layer. Then try to
> make mask from these strokes, fill them all with gradient. In corel its
> something like that: object border->layer border->selection
> border->mask(could be, dont have to). So I can make selection from layer
> borders and voila! Maybe I'm missing something but I can't find a way to do
> it in Gimp.

If you want to make a selection from your layer contents (provided that you 
begun with a transparent layer) you can use layer->transparency->alpha to 

> I don't know, maybe its not common feature, anyway I find it very useful, I
> dont expect to get free, professional program, I am just asking :)

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