I'm investigating ways to make at least "semi-artistic looking" photo
frames.  All GIMP examples I could find have a "designed by an
engineer" look.  But if I allow PhotoShop, one can find some quite
striking examples; e.g., see

  http://www.roge.ru/?page_id=151 "Ragged edges, fuzzy, photo frames"

Essentially, their recipes start the same as GIMP ones, making a
complement-to-a-rectangle selection.  But then what they do is
application of one (or several) of PhotoShop filters.  E.g., one of
the frames is done with 

    Example filter chain:
    1) GRAIN: 100 / 100 / Regular
    2) MOSAIC TILES: 2 / 15 / 10
    3) WATER PAPER: 50 / 87 / 89
    4) DRY BRUSH: 10 / 10 / 2

Well, I could not find any GIMP filter chain which is kinda similar to
these PhotoShop examples.  Anyone knowing how to reproduce these
PhotoShop filters in GIMP (possibly using G'MIC and/or MathMap)?


P.S. ========================== Here are some GIMP workflows I could invent

(Start with "a rect-frame" selection.

Light/GlassTile (20/20; or in 2 steps with different sizes)
Distort/Whirl    60deg, -0.25
Noise/Slur       50x4     (or Spread)


        (The workflow for tries is: Apply/Update cycle, then OK)


  Artistic/Oilify       11
    (I get better results by applying Invert before+after Photocopy)

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