If I understood you correctly, you are using Gimp for drawing (as opposed to 
photo editing, for instance).

If that really is the case, perhaps you should take a look at MyPaint. Even 
though its layer support is very basic, it supports an infinite canvas (layer 
is resized as you draw) which I'm guessing is what you are looking for.

For more complex work, there are tutorials on working with MyPaint and Gimp 

Hope this helps...


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I've been using Corel Photo for some time, but I'm trying to get used to
Gimp. I can't stand the interface, but I don't like photoshop UI either.

1) In corel photo, layers are like objects, I can easilly make rectangle and
new layer will have size of this rectangle. I can make stroke with brush and
this stroke will be my layer.
In Gimp if I want to make new layer with brush strokes I need to adjust size
of layer before I do the stroke. Then I can paint and my layer is too big. Of
course I can use wizard selection(U hotkey) to select stroke but it's not so
I just dont need transparent area in my layer(I need just my brush stroke,
layer borders=brush stroke borders, nothing more).
2) Is there any way to see the mask of eraser, using soft-edged eraser
without mask (I just see hard-edged circle selection) is little confusing for
3) Is there any mod, option, to do grab, rotate, scale with mouse
clicking(like in Corel Photo-2 clicks to rotate) etc. I know it could be done
with keyboard shortcuts, but mouse "shortcuts" works much better for me.
4) Is it possible to make layer previews bigger and adjust them to
show...(it's hard to explain for me) actual objects in these layers(not whole,
transparent area with object). I've seen this option in photoshop tutorial I

Could you advise me other free program with UI similar to Corel Photo? 

Thanks in advance for the answers

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