I'm trying to figure the best way to use GIMP blend colors in a 
particular application.

I have a topographical map, and I want to apply a color gradient which 
follows the contour lines of the map, and blends from a darker hue at 
the lower contour to a lighter hue at the next higher contour. The 
contour lines are not parallel. In the final image, I want a uniform 
darker hue right next to the contour line, and a uniform ligher hue at 
the higher one. A further complication is that the contours do not have 
a uniform direction. In one part of the image the gradient from 10 units 
to 20 units will be right to left, in another part of the image going 
from 10 units to 20 will go from left to right, and in still others, the 
contour representing 20 units will be a smaller irregular shape inside 
the larger, different, but still irregular shape representing an 
elevation of 10 units.

I've thought of a number of ways to do this manually, for example, 
divide the map into different layers at the contour lines, and using the 
airbrush tool to overlay the colors; another is to leave the different 
contour levels in one layer, and use the smudge tool to blend across the 
contours. But are there filters of plug-ins which might automate at 
least part of the process?


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