I created a simple template on which to place multiple layers, each containing
a business card image pasted from another image.

That worked out quite well, except that the smaller text (phone number,
address, email address, etc) printed looking rather fuzzy and of low
resolution.  When I do this using InDesign on the XP side, fonts print nice
and sharp, so, I must be missing something.

Advice would be appreciated.

Layout of the grid lines worked pretty well, although something seems to be
happening between the layout stage and the printing stage so that I have to
adjust the position of my layers to make them print correctly.  For instance,
the top two rows of cards might print too high on the paper, and the bottom
two might print too low, the middle row (of five) prints right where I want
them to print.

I have to adjust the layers to work around this.

I've checked my measurements - they seem accurate, even though the symptom I
describe would seem to indicate that I have the page laid out so that the
"pitch" of the cards is too great.

The work around isn't such a big deal.  I just print test pages on plain
paper and adjust the layer positions until I have it right, but I'm wondering
what could be causing my hit or miss results.

More important is the text rendering.  I won't be able to use these cards
until I figure out why my text turns out so fuzzy.

I could accomplish this little chore in five minutes with XP and InDesign,
but I've been using that combination for years and know it like the back of my
hand.  I'm more interested in learning how to do this using the Gimp.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.


Carusoswi (via www.gimpusers.com)
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