On Friday 25 September 2009, Greg S. wrote:
> This is the 3rd time I have posted this item and it has not
> appeared in the forum.
> Has anyone installed gimp 2.6.7 on Centos 5.3 or Redhat EL5.
> I have searched the net and there appears to be no rpm's for the
> above OS's.
> Has anyone got any ideas please.
Since the universe abhors an un-answered question I'll give it a 

As I'm sure you know both of those distributions are aimed at long 
term stability w/ proven applications. I've just recently installed 
a centos 5.3 system and believe the gimp shipped w/ it is 2.2.

Having said that I'm going to suggest that the only reliable way is 
to build from source, and that will probably mean finding and 
meeting dependencies first. Very likely building them (and their 
dependencies) from source as well. If you use gnome as a desktop 
this could lead to breakage of other gnome packages.

I don't think it will be really difficult (I'm guessing) but it 
really hinges on the dependencies. If I am right about centos 
shipping w/ gimp 2.2 then the gtk version in centos could give you 
(as well as gegl and babl).

If you really need the newest gimp then another distribution or 
virtualization may be a better choice. centos 5.3 is well supported 
by xen, and I would guess because of its enterprise orientation 
vmware, virtualbox and others would also have good support ( 
although I am unfamiliar w/ those in respect to Centos)

> I have also pulled the packages from the git server. gegl, babl
> and gimp.
> need help.
> regards  greg

see ya

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