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> Ok,  I want to make sure that I've asked my question clear enough before I
> decide that you guys have blown me away with your technological knowledge. I'm
> shooting in RAW and so I'm opening up a RAW file with UFRaw because without
> opening the file first with UFRaw, I can't get it into into Gimp for Post
> Processing. I hope I'm right so far. Well, after opening the RAW file in UFRaw
> and whether I perforn any adjustments or not in UFRaw, if I hit OK to send it
> to Gimp isn't it still a RAW file when it's in GIMP or has UFRaw converted it
> to a jpg automatically and that is why the image looks crappy in GIMP,
> particulairly when zoomed in on? 

Well you would need to "Sharpen" the RAW image, JPG's are normally
sharpened in camera but not so with RAW.  In fact even most JPG images
could benefit from some sharpening.


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