Hi Martin,

On 30 Sep 09 22:10 Martin Nordholts <ense...@gmail.com> said:
> Then why don't you unsubscribe? Link can be found at the
> bottom of the mails

Maybe because TREY does not see the link.  When I opened TREY's mail 
there was no footer visible, but the message was marked as having an 
attachment. Turns out there were two. When I opened the first of these
(text/html) it echoed exactly the plain text version I was seeing - no
footer.  Finally I opened the other (text/plain) and the footer was 

In my plain text mailer I have to go to a lot of hassle to read such 

I suffered the same issues with Paul Hartman's response in this 

All I'm saying is that you can't rely on people seeing those footers.

Sorry not to be talking about the GIMP. Time to shut up, methinks!

Greg Chapman
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