On Friday 02 October 2009 01:08:38 pm you wrote:
> Except it won't work.  I tried to unsubscribe a few weeks ago and it
> failed, but I do not care as much as the original poster!

oops, you're correct. the berkley list doesn't accept my login, even though 
they reminded me of my subscription, including my password (in plain text) 
just yesterday.

you can unsubscribe via URL command in your email, though. to get a list of 
commands with instructions, send an email to <mailman-
requ...@lists.xcf.berkeley.edu> with the single word "help" in the email 

at <https://lists.xcf.berkeley.edu/mailman/listinfo/gimp-user>, at the very 
bottom of the form, you can enter your email address and arrive at another 
form (that's the one where login isn't working). at the bottom of that form 
there's a button to "unsubscribe." didn't try that, since i do not want to 
unsubscribe, and since this list doesn't seem to always work, i didn't want 
to try.

in any case, it's not the gimp users list's fault; if the OP feels he should 
harrass someone, he should go to the berkley list maintainers...


PS: sorry for sending this message to simon separately. in addition to not 
accepting logins, the berkley list seems to mess up the reply-to field in the 
header, too. with all other lists i'm subscribed to, replies go to the list, 
not to the poster...
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