On 2009-10-03, Norman Silverstone <nor...@littletank.org> wrote:
>> What do you think are benefits of using jpegs with quality above 95%?

> I have absolutely no idea, it is just that I came across a reference
> somewhere which said "I use 98% jpeg compression when archiving images.

>> Better use compressed 8-bit sRGB TIFF instead (all minilabs I know
>> would reject TIFF with *any* compression, though...).

> Why is that?

Why is WHAT???  You need to Trim the posting more precisely...

If you mean "why TIFF?":  Since TIFF provides no-artefacts storage at
the same size as what you got from your JPEG (which WILL create artefacts).

Why 8-bit?  I already discussed that; and since your input is 8-bit,
most probably you won't get any advantage from 16-bit.  (Well,
currently GIMP won't even produce 16-bit...)

Why compressed?  To save size...


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