>Tom C. wrote:
>> I am just starting to use GIMP.  I am having trouble getting the effect I
>> want.
>> I have 2 photos one over the other.  I want to put text over the upper
>> and have the lower layer show through.
>> If I put a mask over the upper layer and draw on it with black it does
>> what I want. Problem is I want to use text not draw on it.  
>> Every way I try to add text I get a new layer, I seem to get text on the
>> for the upper layer.
>> thanks in advance for any help with this.
>Text to selection, select top layer with photo (make sure he can be 
>transparent), press button "Del".
Thank you for the reply, but I have had no success with this problem as yet.
In your reply...(make sure he can be 
transparent), how do I do that?
Thanks Tom

Tom C. (via www.gimpusers.com)
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