On Sunday 18 October 2009, Ray C. wrote:
>I have several photos that are square but had an oval matt over them. Over
> the years the oval has UV damage. I am stumped on how to get the UV
> damaged part of the photo to match the original.
>Then I can restore and colour balance of the whole piece. I would
> appreciate anyone's suggestions on how to proceed with this.
>You can view a sample photo of what I am speaking of at:

Photo's such as that may not be truly salvageable, the red dye looks like it 
is 99% absent in the oval.  You may have to do a lot of pixel selection, and 
repainting, a truly tedious and frustrating job even for someone with 
excellent color vision.

I also came away with the possibility that the oval mask wasn't a totally 
acid free material, or that the original washing was not sufficient.

What are the chances the negatives are still available?

Cheers, Gene
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