Dear all,
I'm really happy to announce the release of the version of the G'MIC
plug-in for GIMP. This release is a bit particular (hence this announcement)
because it ends the 1.3.2.x serie, and have reached a quite stable and usable

Here is the official G'MIC for GIMP web page :

G'MIC for GIMP is an open-source and multi-purpose plug-in, offering a list
of various image filters and effects available from a single plug-in window in
GIMP. It has been developped in the IMAGE team of the GREYC laboratory in

We believe it has features that may interest you, so let me describe some of
its functionnalities here :

 - About 140 filters are already defined and proposed in the G'MIC plug-in.
Filters are sorted in different sections :
'Array & Frames', 'Artistic', 'Colors', 'Contours', 'Deformations',
'Degradations', 'Enhancement','Layers', 'Patterns', 'Presets', 'Rendering',
'Sequences' and 'Various'.

You can view different screenshots of the plug-in in action (but not for all
filters, since the captures have been done with an older version), in the
gallery here :

 - Almost each filter has a working preview window. Very useful to see the
changes when modifying the filter parameters.

 - The G'MIC plug-in knows how to deal with multiple layers both for filter
input and output.

 - The range of proposed effects is quite large, including 3D rendering,
image sequence creation (through motion estimation for instance), layers
fusion or registration (since the plug-in knows how to deal with multipe
layers), color mixers in various color bases (Lab, CMYK, HSV, etc...),
denoising by smart smoothing (G'MIC includes all features of our former
GREYCstoration project : , but also much more
for denoising/simplifying images), sharpening, inpainting, etc...

 - Technically speaking, the plug-in actually embeds a complete interpreter
of a simple script language (which is also named G'MIC) dedicated to image
processing. So, the plug-in is really open and extensible and any geek could
reasonnably add its own functions inside ;). This is similar in spirit to the
very nice Mathmap project (,
but without the integrated code editing tools (all G'MIC filters are defined
in text files, so filter edition can be done within your favorite text
editor). The G'MIC language is simple but quite capable, and many interesting
image effects can be imagined and proposed inside the plug-ind. For more
details on the language syntax, see the documentation page :

 - The G'MIC plug-in proposes a simple but interesting "Filter update"
mechanism, allowing the user to update his list of filter definitions through
the Internet, without having to re-compile or re-install the plug-in binary.
It is possible since all default filters are defined as G'MIC functions
written in a small text file (about 160Ko).
So, the plug-in simply has to download a revised version of this file to
update itself. This mechanism was actually not so used in the past, since the
plug-in internal interpreter has evolved to a large degree between all the
different releases. But, it should be stable enough now to favor this way of
updating and adding filters to the plug-in.

 - The G'MIC processing engine does all its internal computation using
float-valued data, so the plug-in is virtually ready for manipulating images
with 16 bits or 32 bits / channels. It can even process volumetric and
multi-spectral images (with more than 3 or 4 channels). Moreover, the G'MIC
interpreter alone can be build as an external library, so it can be embedded
in any other open-source application. It can be handy if you want to integrate
a set of working image filters in your code without much coding efforts.

 - The plug-in is now able to run in non-interactive mode, and any existing
filter (and even custom ones) can thus be called from Scheme/Script-fu
scripts. This was one requested feature that was missing before.

 - The plug-in binary is quite small (about 2.5Mo) regarding its
functionalities. It has been already compiled for Linux 32/64 bits, and
Windows. Would be nice to get a 'serious' plug-in package for Mac OS X (the
existing one is very old and is hard to get it work). If anyone is interested,
please contact us !

Finally, I would say that we are planning to use this latest version
as the basis for a student project, at the ENSICAEN engineering school in
France ( The goal is to add more and more useful
filters to the plug-in, through the network update mechanism. We really hope
this will bring more value to the plug-in. Of course, for this, we need users
to test, point out filters dysfunctions, and to propose new ideas.
Concerning this point, I would like to thank the Flickr GIMP group users for
their valuable comments on G'MIC.

So, please do not hesitate to download and test the plug-in. It's really
small and easy to install (at least, it is intended to be), so maybe it is
worth to have it in your GIMP arsenal :)

Best Regards,

David Tschumperle (via
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