My old and very faithful Epson C82 has apparently lost its printhead, it has 
plenty of ink according to mtink, but every time I clean the heads, fewer 
nozzles work, and the amanda backup report was printed without ink this 

So, I brought up from its storage in the basement, a 5 year old C88 I had 
bought to use when I was on the road, but its out of yellow ink after about 
10 passes at cleaning its well dried nozzles.  So I'm going to town, 
ostensibly to get some ink, taking nearly a two pack of all 4 inks for the 
C82 with me to see if a tradein might be arraigned, either for some inks for 
the C88, or a whole new printer.

I will not consider a lexmark due to their attitide vis-a-vis linux and their 
corporate structure being very top heavy with lawyers.

I've always been fond of Epsons, so which of the current models on the shelf 
can do good photo quality work at a reasonable cost for expendables?  By 
reasonable, that is in comparison to the about $80 USD for a full set of 
tanks for the old C82, and probably very similar pricing for the C88's inks.

Is there some other favorite Golden Boy that also claims archival inks that I 
should also look at while I'm at Staples later this afternoon?

Cheers, Gene
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