I can't speak to the latest models, but I have an Epson Stylus Photo 
R-200 and for scanning an Epson Perfection 4490 Photo, also a lcd 
projector.  The printer works with my linux pc which is one of the 
reasons for purchasing epson.  I bought all as refurbished, through 
whatever is the refurbished link on the website.  Zero problems with any. 

The scanner comes with rigs for scanning transparencies and negatives up 
to 6x7cm.  I jerryrigged a system to scan my old 4x5" negatives and 
transparencies, then assembled in GIMP. 


Gene Heskett wrote:
> Greetings;
> My old and very faithful Epson C82 has apparently lost its printhead, it has 
> plenty of ink according to mtink, but every time I clean the heads, fewer 
> nozzles work, and the amanda backup report was printed without ink this 
> morning.
> So, I brought up from its storage in the basement, a 5 year old C88 I had 
> bought to use when I was on the road, but its out of yellow ink after about 
> 10 passes at cleaning its well dried nozzles.  So I'm going to town, 
> ostensibly to get some ink, taking nearly a two pack of all 4 inks for the 
> C82 with me to see if a tradein might be arraigned, either for some inks for 
> the C88, or a whole new printer.
> I will not consider a lexmark due to their attitide vis-a-vis linux and their 
> corporate structure being very top heavy with lawyers.
> I've always been fond of Epsons, so which of the current models on the shelf 
> can do good photo quality work at a reasonable cost for expendables?  By 
> reasonable, that is in comparison to the about $80 USD for a full set of 
> tanks for the old C82, and probably very similar pricing for the C88's inks.
> Is there some other favorite Golden Boy that also claims archival inks that I 
> should also look at while I'm at Staples later this afternoon?

Bob Meetin

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