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> I've always been fond of Epsons, so which of the current models on the shelf
> can do good photo quality work at a reasonable cost for expendables?  By
> reasonable, that is in comparison to the about $80 USD for a full set of
> tanks for the old C82, and probably very similar pricing for the C88's inks.

Not an Espon, but I have a Canon Pixma somewhere around here that is
very nice in one regard: the ink tanks are clear plastic and have
liquid reservoirs (no cotton).  The printer shines a light through a
prism at the bottom to determine ink level - therefore refilling them
is painless.  It prints a decent photo also, if you buy nice paper.  I
quit buying Epson after they decided that a cartridge had to be
replaced after X number of prints.

My 0.02
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