> A week or so ago, someone asked about using the Epson Stulus 3800 for
> Gimp
> printing
> on SUSE 11.  Owen responded that the Epson 3800 does not work with
> Linux.
> Now I think (but can't find in the archives) that someone else
> recommended
> Epson R2880.
> Before I buy, could I get confirmation that the Epson R2880 is
> recommended
> for Gimp
> printing?

That printer doesn't get a mention on
http://www.openprinting.org/printer_list.cgi where i suggest you first
check printers for their "linux compatibility"

Secondly search the manufacturers site for the drivers if not found on
openprinting.org, I have known drivers to be available for Brother
equipment before being include in various distros.

Otherwise can't help you



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