I recently upgraded from Windows Vista x86 to Windows 7 x64, and am in the
process of reinstalling my old programs and restoring my settings. I had
reinstalled The GIMP (version 2.6.7, x86 version) and was about to use it when
I found that it couldn't handle any image files at all, other than XCF. I
could neither open nor create any file other than the default GIMP XCF file

I had tried anything I could have thought of, including reinstalling GIMP and
associating the files, and transferring the old settings and binaries that had
worked (the old plugins library, program files folder, etc.) from my
Windows.old folder into my new Windows installation, to no avail. I'm not sure
what I'm missing here, or what's being incompatible here.

I frequently use The GIMP for photo-editing work and I am absolutely lost
without it. Could someone help me out here? Thanks.

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