>Have you also tried Gimp-Python Easier at
>I know that this was made before Windows 7 was finished, but it might
>be worth a try.
>I can remember that I also tried installing GIMP-Python (on Windows XP).
>At first the GIMP Windows-installer did not recognize it (option was
>grayed out), but in the end I was able to install it and use
>Python-scripts with GIMP.
>However, I cannot recall what I have exactly done when it was finally
>I guess I went over the different installation documents a couple of
>times installing all kinds of Python-components hoping it would work.
>Perhaps Jernej can tell what the installer is actually looking for.
>It might be some registry key that can be missing or perhaps it is
>looking for a specific Python version.


Thanks for your response, but I just got the install to work finally.

I ran a registry cleaner after my last uninstall, and this time the
installation was successful.

Go Figure!

Thanks for your suggestions all the same


Don K. (via www.gimpusers.com)
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