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> Paul Hartman schrieb:
>> On the other hand I have had great experience with Dell Ultrasharp
>> series, which usually have IPS or PVA panels, I think. I would
>> recommend them as a combination of price and performance. They've
>> usually got good on-screen menus and various ports and features
>> (rotate to portrait orientation, etc).  I personally have two Dell
>> Ultrasharp 2007FP's (1600x1200, 100 DPI) one with IPS panel and one
>> with PVA panel, and the PVA version actually looks better. The IPS
>> version has bad color banding problems on gradients. Both have great
>> viewing angles and colors don't shift at all when you move around.
>> Black levels are good, too.
> I agree. It seems you can't get a monitor for $300 that is good enough
> for graphical work. I've been looking for one for some time and have
> found one of the Dell Ultrasharp series with S-PVA panel that has
> reasonable performance for a reasonable price: Dell 2408WFP. But I had
> to lay 500 EUR on the desk. Meanwhile I've got to learn that you can't
> have it cheaper. Have a look at Prad: http://www.prad.de/en/index.html.
> I was encouraged by our University's Media Department that had bought a
> few of these monitors for graphical work. Sure they would had loved to
> choose from the top league, but they have to pinch and scrape in the
> same way as people like you and me do.
> The Dell 2408WFP seems to be a good compromise. Eizo is a good name,
> too, but slightly higher in price yet.
> Good luck Gracia
> Volker

I'm replying this to the list since Volker's email appears to have
been sent only to me! :)
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