I recently bought a new scanner/printer combo, an epson NX515.

This is a couple of generations newer that gutenprints newest choice, the 
NX400, and while the lower resolution stuff works nicely, that driver stops 
at 1440x720 in the resolution that works dept when doing test prints from the 
web page at localhost:631/printers.

Then I bought a new camera cuz I was tired of carrying a kroger sack full of 
batteries to fill up a 64 meg card in the old Olympus C3020.  Its a Nikon 
Coolpix L100.  And the first thing I find is that while it has a usb port, it 
is not a storage device, so I have to figure out DigiCam and pull the pix to 
local files with that.  Different, but it works.

So I took that camera to a funeral service this afternoon and shot, by 
available light, several pictures.  Now this home has red curtains on the 
walls, bright red carpet on the floor, and all their throw drapes over the 
tables folks put their stuff on are all red satin too.  I can see on the 
screen that the camera has to make a huge adjustment to show me a decent 
image that more or less resembles what it might look like under white light.

The image file itself has not been corrected, its completely raw.  I've 
managed to get the gimps (and GEGL's) tools to give me something that might 
be printable.

BUT, regardless of whether I try to print using gutenprint, or by the regular 
print path, I have only managed to get it to print 2 of the 7 pix I took.  
Problem?  One print wion't work, it just emptied the in chute, then the next 
try, same image did work, then the next one after that, without changing a 
thing, will empty the input chute, occasionally printing 3-5 lines of text 
gibberish somewhere on the page, this despite using the browser to cancel all 
jobs for the selected printer profile when it starts spitting out paper by 
the 1/8th ream, and when that doesn't stop the printer, doing a power off 
reset while its in the middle of filling the out tray.

Does this sound like something you might know about, or should I rejoin the 
gutenprint list and become the test monkey for them again.  I don't mind 
that, after all I did get new drivers that did things the epson driver 
couldn't do when I bought that C82 new all those years (and probably75 reams 
of 24 lb paper + $1k+ in ink) ago.

Now, this occurs as I said, with both file->print selections.

I also had the gimps print preview image revert to the original disk image 4 
or 5 times, this after saving the corrected image under a new name and 
reloading that new named image.  That seemed, shall we say, odd...

How should I proceed here?

Thanks guys, for some very capable software.

Cheers, Gene
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