Could you tell me if it's possible to make something like blurring image
using "surface blur" (in PS4)filter  in GIMP? I didn't find anything similar
in GIMP filters so maybe there is a plug-in which lets to do it?
Surface blur is the filter which I was using in PS4 to automatically blur out
of focus areas (it reduces noise much better than other filters for me) and
not to blur sharp areas. I liked it because noise reduction filter blurred
everything and I wanted to have still sharp image with reduced noise. But now
I'm GIMP user. :) Everything is pretty good here, but "surface blur" is the
function I miss. So I would be very grateful if you tell me if it's available
in GIMP as plug-in or I simply don't find that function in GIMP... Thank you!

Tadas (via www.gimpusers.com)
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