>On Sat, 2009-11-14 at 20:50 +0100, Tadas wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Could you tell me if it's possible to make something like blurring image
>> using "surface blur" (in PS4)filter  in GIMP? I didn't find anything
>> in GIMP filters so maybe there is a plug-in which lets to do it?
>> Surface blur is the filter which I was using in PS4 to automatically blur
>> of focus areas (it reduces noise much better than other filters for me)
>> not to blur sharp areas. I liked it because noise reduction filter
>> everything and I wanted to have still sharp image with reduced noise. But
>> I'm GIMP user. :) Everything is pretty good here, but "surface blur" is
>> function I miss. So I would be very grateful if you tell me if it's
>> in GIMP as plug-in or I simply don't find that function in GIMP.
>The Selective Gaussian Blur plug-in might be able to provide a similar
>result ( see http://docs.gimp.org/en/filters-blur.html ).
Thanks, it really provides a similar result. However it's more similar to a
PS smart blur filter, and surface blur filter provides better result (the
difference is that surface blur reduces noise smoother than smart blur or
selective blur in GIMP, which (it's about selective or smart blur) simply
blurs some pixels so some are left unchanged). 
Maybe there isn't the same filter available in GIMP, but I hope Selective
blur will be a very useful filter for me :)

Tadas (via www.gimpusers.com)
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