D Dziedzic wrote:
> Hi:
> Color management is device specific through ICC profiles.

Hi Dziedzic

I expressed myself a bit clumsy. What I tried to say is that the 
_concepts_ of color management is not GIMP specific. Before one learns 
how color management works in a particular program, one needs to 
understand color management in general. If tessanne already know about 
color management in general and were only after information on how to 
perform color management in GIMP, I apologize.

> So the question is:  Will the Gimp get serious about color management as it 
> expands into the 16 bit arena or miss the serious color management boat all 
> together?

Proper color management is essential to the high-end photo manipulation 
program that GIMP wants to be, so yes, GIMP takes color management 
seriously. We are not completely there yet, but we strive to be.



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