Hi to all Gimp users. I have a question which is how to get text onto a curved
path, created by Bezier tool and onto imported jpeg image, so the image is
fine for GIMP. I just can't seem to do it and the following are the steps I
do. I've also tried to do it onto a transparent layer, then merge down, I've
tried anchoring the text onto the imported image. I've been sitting up until
3am in the morning and am ready to tear my hair out. I go to File and open the
imported jpeg image to be worked on. It's a curved ebook cover so I wish to
text in its title. I create a curved path with Bezier tool from the tool box.
I then click the 'A' text symbol in the tool box. Making sure the text box is
created above the path. I type in the text knowing I can change the color
later. Then I go to the menu on the horizontal bar and I think its the layers
tab I click on that then click 'Text Along Path'. I now have the pinkish fuzzy
appearance in the now curved text. I get rid of the original source text by
going to windows>Dockable Dialogs>Layers and then on the text layer I click on
the eye icon and the source text goes away. Then I get rid of the dotted
yellow lines around near the original text by 'View'> 'Show Layer Boundary'
and the dotted yellow lines disappear. I then go to 'Select' and click on
'From Path' It is here I get the marching ants. I then go to the tool box and
select the larger of the two squares so I can choose a color for the text, so
it's the foreground color box. I select the color, then go to the 'Edit' tab
on the horizontal bar and click 'Fill with FG color'. Gutys you wouldn't
beleive it but I get this stripey pinkish/bluish/ whitish striped lines within
the text and no even blue color which is the color I selected from the
Foreground box. If anyone can help I'll be feeling really grateful. I really
enjoy GIMP and have made it my business to try and learn as much as possible
about it. Thanks Guys. Janice28.

Janice28 (via www.gimpusers.com)
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