I want to create a straight line that's two pixels wide. There's a brush
that's 1px, and another that's 3px, so I created a new brush, made it a square
one and selected a radius of 1.0px. If I do this, the brush appears to be 3px
in width.

So I tried various values. 0.7px radius still gives me a brush that is 3px
wide. However, 0.6px radius gives me one that is 1px wide. I don't seem to be
able to find any setting that makes it 2px wide, and neither can I understand
the relationship between "radius" and the actual size of the brush. The same
thing happens with higher values - anything from 0.7 up to 1.6 gives me a
brush that's 3px wide, then at 1.7 it jumps to 5 pixels.

Is it impossible to have a brush that is an even number of pixels wide, and
if so, why?

Chris (via www.gimpusers.com)
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