vr writes:
> Oops, after poking around a bit more I realize now that the actual crop
> tool's selector is more friendly than the selection tool selector for what
> I'm trying to do. I guess the real question I'm asking is how do you get
> the selection tool to operate like the crop tools selector? Meaning, not go
> outside the perimeter of the layer you want to select within?

The closest I've found is View->Snap to Canvas Edges. It's not
perfect -- you still have to be fairly careful and occasionally
it doesn't snap at all -- but it will certainly help you avoid
going over the edges.

In 2.6, you have to set it on each image separately. In 2.8 it will
be possible to make that the default.  Though you may not want that;
I find I always want it for Rect Select, but it gets in the way
for the Move tool, so I have to keep toggling the option.

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