> Use the TAB key, which toggles visibility of the toolbox and other
> dockable dialogs. And use F11 to fill the screen with the image window.
> You can even remove the menu bar, scrolling bars, and status bar, and
> have an image which really fills the screen.

Those are some nifty shortcut keys. That might also explain why
sometimes I have "lost" my toolbox.
I guess that this has happened after I used the tab key for some
action within GIMP.
Then I might have meant ALT+TAB (to switch windows) instead, but
forgot to press ALT and my toolbox is gone...

Do you know whether there is a list of these key combinations online somewhere ?
I would expect these to be in the GIMP's user manual, but I cannot
seem to find them.
http://docs.gimp.org/en/key-reference.html is as close as I could find.
However, it would be nice when there would be one pages with all of
these useful GIMP commands.

Thanks in advance,

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