for...@gimpusers.com (2009-11-25 at 1505.33 +0100):
> for start noise was creating noise with different colors 

Yes, that is right, because desaturate gives you the white to black
version. You have to follow all the steps, even if at first it looks
bad. ;]

I made a quick visual tutorial so you can see how things change:

> on curves , changing the line _/ 
> wont effect the histogram on the background

The histogram stays as is while you move the dots. I just used it as
reference to place the curve. If you use the x and y info that appears
when you drag the controls of the curve, you get good references
too. But the best is to check what the image shows, the values I gave
are only examples, it depends with the result you want.

> any way i can share my result on this page ?

For PNGs or JPGs, you can use one of those image hosting sites
(imageshack, tinypic, etc). If you used the mail list method instead
of gimpusers gateway, I think you can even send small attachments.

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