After quite some time, I finally updated my GIMP from my beloved 2.4.7 
to 2.6.7. Upon starting up the new GIMP I saw the new design that GIMP 
now had. I found that GIMP was much, much hard to use and made things 
much more frustrating.

Why you ask? Multiple reasons actually. Here are just a few of my HUGE 
dislikes about the new GIMP.

1] The main GIMP Tool page over laps every other page. You can not put 
it behind the other pages like you could before. Not to mention that it 
keeps getting in the way!!! Its so annoying because I can't move it and 
if I accidentally maximize it then I can't make it smaller again so I 
can't save my material!! I end up having to start all over again!!

2] There's no main menu (File, Tools, Edit, etc, etc) at the top of the 
GIMP Tool page. I can't open files, start new files, open the layers or 
brush pages. I have to go to one of my already opened files to do this. 
Its really annoying!

Is there any way to fix these problems in one of the up and coming 
versions of GIMP or is GIMP just crap now? I mean, this is making me 
HATE GIMP and that's saying a lot when its coming from me. I LOVED GIMP, 
more then any other program and I've tried just about every program in 
the book. I've never found another program as great as GIMP. Why would 
they ruin it like this? I'm starting to hate GIMP now. :(

Is there a way to fix these problems, does GIMP intend to do something 
or am I just screwed? :( This is really upsetting...please help!!
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