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On 28 Nov 09 13:23 Jennifer Mohr <sacrificed4ha...@aol.com> said:
> 1] The main GIMP Tool page over laps every other page. You can not 
> put it behind the other pages like you could before. Not to mention 
> that it keeps getting in the way!!!

You can always go to EDIT > PREFERENCES > WINDOW MANAGEMENT and change
the window behaviour. The new default is "Utility Window". Change it 
back to "Normal Window".

However, it is much better is to get used to the new type and use the 
TAB key to make the toolbox disappear. REcover the Toolbox with 
another TAB keystroke, while the Image window has focus.

> 2] There's no main menu (File, Tools, Edit, etc, etc) at the top of 
> the GIMP Tool page.

It's now on the Image window - far more sensible and conventional!

> I can't open files, start new files,

Course you can! Use the conventional Open dialogue, accessed from the 
FILE menu on the new Main window or Image Window should you already 
have an image open, or simply drag and drop the file you wish to edit 
on to "Wilber's Eyes", either on the Toolbox or the Main window. 
Couldn't be easier!

> open the layers or brush pages.

I confess I've customised my GIMP so that these dialogues are now 
docked in the bottom half of the Toolbox - but it really is up to you 
how you customise the proram. Why not experiment a little to find a 
way to work that suits you best!

> I have to go to one of my already opened files to do this. 

Rubbish!  Just customise the GIMP to the way you want it!

Greg Chapman
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