Jennifer Mohr wrote:
> After quite some time, I finally updated my GIMP from my beloved 2.4.7 
> to 2.6.7. Upon starting up the new GIMP I saw the new design that GIMP 
> now had. I found that GIMP was much, much hard to use and made things 
> much more frustrating.
Oh, Jennifer, I'm sorry that this hit you like this.  You are not 
alone.  There was HUGE discussion on this list when it happened and many 
expressed exactly the same frustrations as you. 

You can fix the first just by hitting the <tab> key.  That makes your 
toolbox and layers dialog disappear giving you uncluttered access to 
your image.  It turns out, after you get used to it, that it's better 
this way.  The toolbox gets in the way less because you make it 
disappear, but it's more convenient because when you hit <TAB> again 
it's right on top where you can get to it.  Before people would lose 
their toolbox behind and have to hunt for it.

For the second issue, i.e. the menu's left the toolbox, that is because 
working without the toolbox window makes it more convenient to have the 
menus on the image window.  That's also the reason that if you close 
your last image you get the blank window (almost blank, Wilbur's still 
there and you can drag and drop an image onto him.

I think you'll find, after your habits get trained that this is actually 
better/easier/more productive, but I'm with you.  It was tremendously 
annoying for a few days, then I decided they were geniuses.


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