>Yann wrote:
>> I am trying to cut out an object with the gimp path tool and paste into
>> another file in PS Elements editor..  I have the object isolated in a
>> transparent alpha channel on a pSD file.  It does not seem to matter
whether I
>> use Copy or Copy Visible when it is pasted on to the new file the object
>> appears on a black background.  How can I lift just the desired object on
>> the new file.  I would much appreciate your advice.  Eain
>Why are you using Copy & Paste? Are you trying to insert it into an 
>existing image?
>In this case, I would use \'File > Open As Layer...\' [CTRL +ALT*O]. 
>Otherwise, all
>you have to do is, to open the PSD file in Gimp. It does import PSD 
>files, and it does
>preserve the alpha channel as well.

-- Thank you I will try that.  yann
Yann (via www.gimpusers.com)
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