Has anyone written a script that would be a good starting point for the 
following task?  I want to take an ascii file that has a bunch of names 
along with a number.  Format is probably something like
1, name number 1
2, name number 2
1, name number 3
3, name number 4

then for each line in this file I want to start with a .xcf file which 
is selected by the first field (the 1-3) and then add the persons name 
as text on top of it.  Then I want to write out the generated image and 
at the end up with a giant pdf file that I can send to the printer.

Basically I'm trying to make about 60 badges that will come in one of 
several styles and each will have someones name printed on it.

If anyone has something close they could share it would be much 
appreciated.  Probably script-fu is my preference since I already speak 
scheme (but only a tiny bit of script-fu) but I could probably learn 
enough python to muddle through too.

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