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> Now I need to know the best way to do the other steps on all frames
> like the sobel filter. Since when I just do something like "colours >
> desaturate" and "colours > invert" it only does one frame, and I could
> not find them anywhere under the new video menu.

GAP is only able to execute *plug-ins* registered with the Procedural  
DataBase (PDB). The two functions you mention are not actually  
plug-ins, but core functions of GIMP. Similarly for the Color Levels,  
Hue/Saturation, Curves tool, et cetera. Though these are all  
registered in the PDB, they are not directly accessible from the GAP's  
Apply Filter function (this is owing to the fact they do not support  
the "LAST VALUES" framework that plug-ins use to employ the same  
settings from one call to the next).

Nonetheless, GAP provides some wrapper functions for some of these  
core routines and tools which provide equivalent functionality (though  
perhaps not quite as intuitively). These can be found near the bottom  
of the list of PDB functions with names starting with "plug-in-wr-".

In order to desaturate your frames, you should use 'plug-in-wr-huesat'  
with a Saturation setting of "-100".

In order to invert the colors in your frames, use  
'plug-in-wr-color-levels' and set the Low Output value to "255", and  
the High Output value to "0" (you are thus inverting the output).

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