>Luna wrote:
>> HI, sorry but I am wondering how I can get those additional characters in
>> fonts to work on my Gimp 2.6.  I've tried the ATL with the number codes
>> the certain fonts I tried this with and got nothing but a binking cursor
>> show for the attempt. The ATL[code] works in Windows, so I know the font
>> these other things [like the British Pound sign, little happy faces, etc]
>> I've used Gimp for a few months now and have yet to get the ATL key to
>> for this particular feature. I've downloaded fonts from daFont and other
>> like it, so there are lots of fonts with bonus non-letter stuff I really
>> to be able to use in artwork.
>> Can any one give me some help in finding out what I'm doing wrong?? 
>> Thank you  :)
>It's not in the fonts, but in the character sets installed on the computer.
>Have you considered using the Wing-dings font?
>Also, an easy way to use them might be to have a simple text editor 
>(like notepad) open and use the alt[code] in notepad, then copy/paste 
>the result into the GIMP. Not the best solution but definitely a good 
>work around.

Thanks, but the wing dings fonts are not what I'm talking about, or what I
even want to use. I've actually deleted most ofthe wing dings fonts from Gimp
because I don't like them. I'll try this notepad way and see if that works.

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