On 12/18/2009 02:02 PM, Sven Neumann wrote:
> On Fri, 2009-12-18 at 11:56 -0500, Jay Smith wrote:
>> I _do_ have a saved sample corrupted image file if anybody needs this
>> for testing purposes.
>> Is this a bug?  Is it known?  Should I post on the developer list?
>> Should I put it in bugzilla?
> Your files are corrupt. You can't possibly expect GIMP to fix them. Of
> course if you really care, you could probably write some code that is
> capable of dealing with your broken files and that may even be able to
> fix them. But don't expect this work to be done by someone else for you.
> Sven


Yes, the file is corrupted.  And, no, I didn't and don't expect Gimp to
automagically fix it for me -- though sometimes (as in one of the three
files) it does fix it; maybe that functionality should be removed?  So,
when there is a problem with a file, Gimp is one of the tools I reach
for first, just in case Gimp can help.

I think my point was somewhat misunderstood and I feel that the tone of
part of your response is less than friendly.  I was trying to point out
something that could perhaps be _helpful_ but instead I feel a bit
"slapped down".  There is a reason that new users often feel unwelcome
in such arenas.

My point is that the *error/reporting messages say* that (because of the
corrupted file) the plugin has died and potentially left Gimp in an
unstable state.

If I were a developer, with the necessary skills, I would be curious
about what was killing off the plugin and why the plugin dieing
(especially when it was just trying to open a dialog and had not
actually attempted to take action on the image yet) would leave the
whole program in a potentially unstable state.  Perhaps that's just me.
 The file is okay enough to display a preview, to be opened, to be
edited, and to be saved, etc., in Gimp (but it can't even be opened in
PhotoShop 5.x).  So already Gimp is more robust.  That robustness surely
came by design, intent, and application of considerable skill.  My
_intent_ was that somebody with the proper skills might be interested
and might want to look at the plugin to see what about it is not as
robust as the rest of the program environment.  By sharing my experience
and making sure I have available a sample of such a corrupted file, I
make such exploration possible for anybody with the skills and interest
who is curious about it.  If nobody is curious about it, then fine --
not a problem.

At NO point do I recall asking anybody to do any work for me.

I was attempting to contribute and share and experience and information.

I infer from your response that I have been instructed to think twice
before trying to get involved again.

I apologize for wasting your time and some electrons.

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