Hi all!

Linux Debian unstable + The GIMP 2.6.5 editing an image of about
4000x3000 pixels creating and destroying layers trying to find the best
sets for a effect.
At one point the OS was become unresponsive and at the bottom bar of
GIMP, the displayed size showed more than 1,4GB. Then I´ve typed CTRL+S
to save and after waiting about 15 minutes I´ve pressed the reset

After restarting, the file had 0 size. I had to recover it from a
backup, losing all the work I did and saved in the file previously in
the morning.(*)

The questions are:

How can I control the memory usage of The GIMP?
   I supose that tweaking the different settings in environmet
prefences, but I am not sure how to count it, should I sum max mem for
undo to max mem for cache in order to get the maximum of memory I am
allowing to The GIMP?

Are there other settings affecting the memory usage?

Will a feature request of "indirect saving" be taked in account?, Say
save to a newtmp file,
then copy/move the main file to oldtmp file,
then move newtmp file to main file
then remove oldtmp file.
This should ensure that a system crash in the middle of a save operation
will be recoverable.

And finally, will a feature request of auto-backup be taked in account? 

(*) This is not exactly true, as I´ve said, I was trying and
_discarding_ settings and procedures to get a desired effect, so after
recovering the file from the backup I was able to get the final result
in about 30 minutes of work :)


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