The Windows clipboard reserve even more horrors , as example  strip away the 
transparency (alpha channel)

So may be a good idea save in gimp  and then reopen from the external app  
instead then copy and paste

BUT from the gimp side will be nice a menu option as "Open With" or "Send to" 
to exchange images with other apps

> > I am working on Windows XP, GIMP 2.6.7. like this:
> > 
> > 1- I scan an image in 300 dpi at his real size: A4 and
> obtain file in Jpeg and/or Tif.
> > 2- I open the file in GIMP.
> > 3- I select part of the image and copy (Ctrl + C) the
> selection in the Clipboard.
> > 
> > And now my problem:
> > Past (Ctrl V) on:
> > - Gimp: the size of the copied selection is good
> (equal to the original size).
> > - Microsoft program like Powerpoint or OO program like
> Draw or Inkscape: the size is around multiply by 3!

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