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Is it in the plan to remove the scheme scripting in Gimp and go to all Python scripting?  Is there much of a difference between what can be done with either?  I have tried a couple of times to learn Python, but I am an old fogy and keep coming up against a wall whenever I try to get my head around the whole object oriented programming thing (yes, I know, Python can do procedural just fine...but it seems like OOP is a sort of central concept to a lot of what python is capable of..)

Anybody got any good recommendations for books for learning Python?  Especially ones that actually give a clear explanation of the the whole OOP thing in a Python context?  I've found stuff that kind of explains things for other languages, but that doesn't help with understanding things from a Python specific point of view.  I've gotten a Python for Dummies book...but...it seems I am too dumb even for that.

I'd really like to get a handle on this, since Python scripts both Inkscape and Blender as well.

I've been tinkering with computers for over 20 years, but my programming experience, what there is of it, is pretty much in procedural.  Some Pascal (back in the 80's), various flavors of BASIC, mostly on old Atari 8-bit machines, some on Commodor64, Action --think of a cross between C and Pascal, it ran on the Atari--, and lately, Tcl/Tk (Not explicitly OOP, but it is supposedly capable of it), on Win and Linux.

I like Alex Martelli's Python in a Nutshell but, especially with the introduction with Python 3,  you might prefer  Mark Summerfield's Python 3.  Most people are continuing to use Python 2.6 for now.

Colin W.
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