>Quoting gordon13 <for...@gimpusers.com>:
>> theres a rectangle around the content of the
>> layer now, and I cant draw outside of it,so i cant edit anything other
>> what i originally pasted. Its such a pain, and I hope someone understand
>> Im talking about! How do I remove that rectangular selection around   
>> the layer?
>That rectangle indicates the boundaries of the layer. When you pasted  
>to a new layer, the resulting layer is only large enough to fit the  
>content that was pasted.
>If you want to extend the boundaries of the layer, execute  
>"Layer->Layer to Image Size" (or, alternately, manually change the  
>boundaries using "Layer->Layer Boundary Size...").

Aaah right! Thanks for that. Its really anoying, I dont know why we need
boundaries like that..

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