Programmer In Training wrote:
> Thanks for the suggestions, but after converting to indexed and reducing
> to 256 colors, some of the original sized images were BIGGER in file
> size so I just wound up cropping out what I really didn't need for the
> article I'm writing (if anyone is interested in reading it, I'll provide
> a link if you mail me off list) and doing away with the idea of
> thumbnails completely (for some reason, all the reduced sized images,
> despite what I set the compression type to, look thoroughly crappy,
> which is a change from 2.6.6 (I'm using GIMP 2.6.8)). Hopefully none of
> the images will flow outside the boundry of the blog layout. I've also
> been having another issue with GIMP, but I think that one is because of
> Windows and not GIMP.
On Linux I use convert from the imagemagic suite.  I just tried it on 
some pngs with -resize 150x and all of the outputs were smaller.  YMMV.


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