photocomix wrote:
> >From image 1 copy From image 2  paste AS/new layer
> the new image will show up as top layer, if you want them side by side from
> image menu extend canvas side
> and then use the move tool
>> I cannot figure out how to paste images into a gimp open file from another
>> gimp open file - both are jpeg formats. Is this a layer thing? I tried
>> expanding the canvas size, but the images pasted into the file only appears
>> when dragged over the existing image...
I remember how stumped I was on this!  After you enlarge the image, if 
you do layer to image size you'll be happy.  The reason that you can 
only see above the old image is because its layer only exists there.  If 
you expand the image, the layer doesn't change unless you tell it too 
separately.  It's ok to have layers different shapes and sizes and 
smaller than the image.  Or you can paste as a layer.


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