> I have trouble sometimes modifying the selection -- the new selection
> replaces
> the old instead of modifying it.  Also, the selection marks become
> invisible.
> -- using the modifier keys or the selection mode menu, and using any
> of the
> selection tools -- doesn't help
> -- selection should be visible according to view menu, but it isn't
> -- the only way I can get back to normal is save and restart gimp
> Either I've entered some select-unfriendly mode, or there's a bug.
> Help?
> thanks
> gimp version 2.6, Ubuntu.


Make sure you have the tool options available
. pick your select tool
. note in the Tool Options, Mode
  . Replace
  . Add
  . Subtract
  . Intersect

So make your selection
then modify using the mode options

See http://docs.gimp.org/2.6/en/gimp-using-selections-add.html




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