You already get a lot of good advices

I will add that just apply a simplicistic but very effective trick may do

just some gaussian blur on your gradient may create all the smoothness you
may desire ...more the range, more smoothness

(you can't save "as gradient" a blurred gradient but you may well apply
gaussian blur after applied the gradient)

>I'm trying to create a smooth radial gradient in GIMP.  I'm doing what I
>is the obvious thing: use the Blend/Gradient tool, set the shape to Radial,

>and draw it.  This gives me a decent gradient, but it's not actually smooth.

>And it's especially unsmooth when I set the gradient layer's opacity to
>which is where I want it to be for the effect I'm trying to achieve.
>Here are my files:
>As you can see, there are obvious striations there, rather than a smooth
>What am I doing wrong?  I've tried it with and without dithering, adaptive 
>supersampling, etc; none of that seems to improve it.
>I'm using GIMP 2.6.7 on Ubuntu, if that makes any difference.

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