Ok, I have it working now.  I don't understand why there are two storage
locations for each of the installations of Gimp on my machine, but by
carefully following the paths listed by each under
Edit-->Preferences-->Folders, I was able to figure out what to copy to which

. . . not that difficult if you are patient, persistent, and have the time to

BTW, the Smart Remove was crashing on my machine.  I surfed the web and found
(I believe at the Gimp Plug-in Registry site, sorry, my Firefox crashed before
I could bookmark the site) Smart-Remove.scm version that fixed my crashing. 
It installs itself with the menu entry Filters-->Enhance-->Heal selection as
opposed to Smart-remove, although the name of the script has not changed.

I'm sure this is old hat for most of you on this forum, but, perhaps by
posting, I can help someone just sorting this out for the first time save a
little stress and time figuring it out.


Carusoswi (via www.gimpusers.com)
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