for...@gimpusers.com (2010-01-10 at 1554.49 +0100):
> You already get a lot of good advices
> I will add that just apply a simplicistic but very effective trick may do
> marvels
> just some gaussian blur on your gradient may create all the smoothness you
> may desire ...more the range, more smoothness

Err, no, in cases like this, when a smooth transition shows bands
because the colour change is small but the zone is big, the hack is to
use Spread filter, AKA poor man dithering. It requires proper masking,
only work with bands that should be smoother but have no real detail,
etc, etc, but sometimes it can do the trick to fix problems (in photos
or after compositing many layers... if using a gradient, first try
dithering option there, as already suggested).

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