Am Dienstag, 12. Januar 2010 11:41:54 schrieb Alexandre Prokoudine:
> Hi,
> A user reports that all localized 3rd party plug-ins run in English
> for her on Windows.
> She has German locale set in the system (she lives in Germany), but
> she modified environment variable for GIMP to run it in Russian. It
> does make GIMP run in Russian, but, as stated above, all 3rd part
> plug-ins like GAP and Liquid Rescale are in English for her.
> Any advices?


(a) Do the Windows Plug-ins really come with the locale data ?
I have found that quite a number of 3rd-party plug-ins will not ship the 
locale data on Windows.

(b) There is a catch when writing Gimp plug-ins that are going to be run also 
on Windows systems. The normal (Unix) way of registering the paths does not 
work (i.e. most plug-in writers rely on the Unix path layout which means that 
the paths are hardcoded into the plug-in). That way, the location of the data 
files is defined at compile-time and will only work in the environment of the 
creator of the installation package. Instead, the functions from gimpenv 
should be used to properly locate the data file directories on Windows.

If (a) is the case, then copying the locale data from another 
installationcould help - else, if (b), then it is a bug in the 3rd-party plug-
in which should be fixed by the upstream maintainer.


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