I don't understand anything about digital image manipulation but I've
got to learn as, last year, I finally bought a digital camera, after
making photos with film for many years, mainly B&W which I developed
and printed myself.  To learn digital image manipulation I need a
program such as GIMP and Photoshop.

Another important piece of information about me: I've been using Un*x
since 1986.  These days I use OpenBSD (server) and
Debian/Ubuntu/gNewSense (desktop/laptop) and I don't want to change OS
- if I have to, I'll be changing to Mac OS X, no Microsoft Windows.

According to my 'research', Photoshop is the 'de facto' standard for
image manipulation, quite expensive and exists for Mac OS X or
Microsoft Windows.  GIMP is free, its license is GPL, and exists for
GNU/Linux, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows.

My 'research' included asking on a mailing list about photography
(photos made with a specific brand of cameras) about technical
differences between these two programs.  The answers I got can be
summarized to:

* Photoshop: Must be used for 'serious' work.

* GIMP: May be used for 'serious' work if that means showing a photo
on a web page.  Otherwise forget it because:

  ** Is has no color management (I don't know what this is);
  ** Just 8 bit/channel;
  ** No CMYK.

Even though answers on this list may be biased, I have to ear them.
So, are this statements true?


PS - I have also been advised to use a program such as Aperture (Mac
OS X only) or Lightroom (Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows), as that is
what a photographer really needs.  Because of this advise, I guess
I'll be asking some questions on the digiKam and F-Spot mailing lists,
as presume these make the same job as Aperture or Lightroom.

Nuno Miguel dos Santos Baeta
ille nihil dubitat quem nulla scientia dictat
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