Very few plugin come with a installer, most just as a single exe file

As by effect even when locale and help files are provided ,as example for
Liquid Rescale, most have no idea about where place them.
(usually everything is just dropped in a plugin folder )

I know of some that even remove the  help files from their builds, because
instead then be of help had only the effect to confuse even more the end

I am sure this apply  additional plugin's help files, i suppose may be the
same for the  GUI translations (but here i may be wrong)

>A user reports that all localized 3rd party plug-ins run in English
>for her on Windows.
>She has German locale set in the system (she lives in Germany), but
>she modified environment variable for GIMP to run it in Russian. It
>does make GIMP run in Russian, but, as stated above, all 3rd part
>plug-ins like GAP and Liquid Rescale are in English for her.
>Any advices?

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